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Our Approach

We are passionate about helping people to improve their wellbeing, become their best possible selves and to achieve their goals. We do this by combining art with the latest practical skills from the field of positive psychology. We believe that everyone has ability to fulfil their potential and we are there to help them to make this become a reality.

Our Story

The brainchild of professional artist and company founder, Frances Ackland-Snow, Creative Minds Consultancy was created to improve people's wellbeing through the medium of art. The meeting of like minds with Dan Collinson, meant that positive psychology was combined with art to further improve wellbeing.

Meet the Team

Our team are pioneers in their respective fields and bring energy, compassion and innovation to everything the Creative Minds Consultancy do.
They also make sure that our clients enjoy themselves, but that our team do to. We learn better when we're having fun!

Frances Ackland-Snow photo

Frances Ackland-Snow


Frances is a leading contemporary artist whose artwork has been sold all around the world and is a respected artist in residence. She is currently researching how art can be used as a therapeutic process.

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Dan Collinson


Dan is a positive psychology consultant who has over 15 years experience developing high performing teams. He is also an Associate Lecturer on the Masters in Applied Positive Psychology at Bucks New University. He is currently working on his PhD on how a strengths focus can improve employee engagement.

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