All the miniature paintings are 3.5 inches x 2.5 inches, which fits in the palm of your hand. I created the 100 artworks each day from the first day of lockdown to when lockdown was starting to ease. The backs of each painting has my signature stamp and the tally of each day. Covid -19 was causing so much distress, loss and loneliness, I really wanted to reconnect with people and to help in some way. The only way I knew how was to do this through creating art. I knew that I could reach out to others through sharing my paintings, connecting even though we can not do so in person. I truly believe in the healing power of art and this continued to drive me through producing the work, not just for me on a personal therapeutic level, but also to reach out to as many people as I could. Each day I took daily photos of the miniatures and placed them in nature on miniature easels around my back garden and posted them on Instagram and to my school community, in order to lift spirits on a daily basis.

Consequently, I had the idea on week 4 of lockdown to exhibit my miniatures ‘En Plein Air’ at the roots of an ancient beech tree which my son found on our daily lockdown walk. It is such a special place and whilst I was decorating the tree with my paintings on their miniature easels, it felt mystical and magical and reminiscent of childhood memories of decorating a Christmas tree and I was eager to share the magic. I took photos of the exhibition at the roots and again shared them via social media and my school community. The response was incredible, I really did not expect such a heartfelt response. I realised that it helped people to receive a little gem of positivity, life, nature and art on a daily basis and I felt the need to complete the 100 days.

All 100 Days Of Lockdown Paintings

During lockdown, celebrated artist, Greyson Perry, had a weekly programme on Channel 4, which showcased artwork and creativity people had created based on a specific theme. Inspired by the theme of fantasy, I entered a photo of my miniatures, titled “Dandelions and Daisies”. I was one of the very few to have my artwork shown on the programme.

Please read the newspaper article where I talk about Back To My Roots.