Art’s Emotions

Painting In Response To Life’s Adversities And Euphoria

Many of my landscape paintings have been sold at commercial galleries. My work has integrity and a subliminal message behind them. I paint prolifically and in a series based on the response to emotion.

The landscapes are painted through the pathetic fallacy of the weather. The painting process (flow) is part of my own personal journey of self-discovery and to help me process life experiences. I paint through the emotion I feel or felt and this is conveyed through the way I apply the paint and choice of subject matter.

Music evokes strong emotions and memories within me. The choice of song depends on the feelings I want to convey. When you hear the music and the lyrics, you feel you are not alone in the suffering and in the joy of life. What is it when a piece of art gives you goosebumps or brings you to tears? Could it be that we have a human connection that goes beyond what we see or hear? Is this a hidden communication that occurs between artist and viewer that goes straight to our inner essence? These are questions I ask myself when I paint and I endeavour to try to answer these through my work, so others may benefit.

Self-Exploration Pieces
I believe my paintings are powerful and question the viewer to reflect on their own existence and their shadow self. My intention is to convey the encompassing feeling inside your inner core, where I connect to another human being. I believe an artist can express the powerful emotion through their art form that can uplift your soul and reconnect you with your inner essence. Is it the connection of this inner essence which is universal in human beings? I am interested in the metaphor of images and symbols to express the above.

A lot of my artwork has been a response to major events in my life.


Green Pastures Size: 91 x 76 cm Price: £1,995


Pastures New Size: 91 x 91 cm Price: £2,100


Stay With Me Til Dawn Size: 91 x 45 cm Price: £1,500


Lazarus Size: 30 x 76 cm Price: £995


Whispering Hills Size: 10 x 15 cm Price: £245


Breathing Light Size: 10 x 15 cm Price: £245

Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights Size: 121 x 60 cm Price: £2,350

Running up that hill

Running Up That Hill Size: 60 x 45 cm Price: £1,200