The Little Girl With No Voice is a universal story about letting go of who we think we are, so that we can finally become who we were supposed to be. It’s about finding our true self, the gem hidden deep within us all.

The Book

Frances wrote and illustrated the book last year and has wanted to get it published ever since. The lockdown experience has channelled her determination to do so because of her awareness of the increasing effects the lockdown is causing on the mental health of young people. This is definitely  the time for the story to be shared with others.

Her son, Jacob, discovered the ancient holloway on their daily lockdown walk and found the tree roots, which was like stepping into the land of fairytales and was the perfect venue for the storytelling of The Little Girl With No Voice.

“A beautiful tale of the courage needed on the journey towards self confidence, pride in one’s uniqueness, and self worth” – Jeremy Irons

The Film

Frances wished to bring the book to life in the form of a short film, which led to her connect with fellow creative mind, Nicola Schafer, a talented filmmaker and photographer. They shared the same vision for the film and were grateful that Watlington resident and esteemed actor, Jeremy Irons, agreed to appear as the storyteller amongst the tree roots.

After completing training in Adolescent Psychotherapeutic Counselling Using The Arts, she delivers specialist creative wellbeing workshops exploring issues surrounding anxiety, identity and self worth. Frances delivers The Little Girl With No Voice 6 week creative wellbeing workshops to community groups, schools and one-to-one sessions. The dark fairy tale provides symbolic images which can help encourage young people to discuss and explore emotions safely within metaphor.

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